What are the factors that could reveal an SEO agency badly?

seo for doctors is necessary to let people who are using mobiles and computers that you are there to offer them medical services and consultancy services. Once you leave your site without proper SEO, no one would be able to reach you through the website. You can go to an SEO agency to do these processes of improving your site visibility in the search engines. However, you cannot be sure that the company would help you with what you ask. If the SEO practices followed by the company are not efficient enough, your results would be bad. So, you should avoid the companies that are trying to fake you with false promises about their quality of services and results.
One-off agencies
Some fake SEO agencies or inefficient companies would offer you one-off ranking efforts. It means that they will help you rank at the top only once. Let us assume that your web pages are ranking on the first page after their efforts. They would get paid and will fly off. However, your rankings will fall with time due to updates in competitor websites. Now, you could not seek the help of the same company. If you do so also, they would ask for payment again. So, one-time offers are avoidable and you should look for a company that would keep updating your site for downfalls in rankings.
Black hat practices
There are two types of approaches to gaining rankings on search engines. However, only white hat SEO practices are allowed and the black hat approach is banned by popular search engines. If your company is using these prohibited approaches to bring you higher rankings, your website will be at risk of getting banned permanently. So, you should avoid and stand away from such companies.

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